Wife Goes Into Labor While Waiting For Marine Husband’s Homecoming

Giving birth to a child is an important experience not just for the mother, but for the father too. Sometimes, we take our good health during the entirety of a pregnancy as well as delivery for granted, and forget to thank for God for guiding us throughout a very fragile and sensitive time of our lives.

Katrina and Marc Wythes were expecting their second child and the couple was ecstatic, only, Marc was a Marine who had been deployed. Due to his job, he had to leave his family behind when his wife was just three months pregnant.

During his deployment, his friends would joke that Katrina might go into labor on the day Marc went home. Little did they know that this would actually be the case. Katrina’s expected date was 10 days after her husband came home, but her contractions came earlier than expected – on the very same day as Marc’s homecoming!

About an hour after Marc boarded his first plane, Katrina’s contractions kicked in. However, she was determined to wait for her husband so he wouldn’t miss the birth of their second child. So she, along with her daughter and other family members, went to pick up Marc, holding up a sign that says, “Not a drill. Baby’s coming!”

As soon as Marc landed, he saw a message from his wife asking him to hurry, along with a screenshot of her contraction timer app. After their reunion, the family rushed to a hospital, where Katrina finally gave birth.

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