Were your Amazon packages stolen? Porch pirates run rampant this holiday season

With the holidays around the corner and the advancement of buying online, it’s the perfect recipe for easy holiday shopping. Unfortunately, it also creates the perfect storm for a thief who steals packages.

John Priskorn is one of those victims. He made an online purchase and his video doorbell told the rest of the story. His package was expected to be delivered on a Saturday. He and his wife were both home that day. He never received his package. It was then sent again on Monday, but the couple was away at work. It arrived at about 10:28 am. A few hours later a lady approached his porch, picked up his box and put it inside of her bag, taking the package.

A woman stealing a package at the San Francisco home of John Priskorn. She was later arrested and convicted with second-degree burglary after neighbors pooled video footage to find her license plate number, allowing police to track her down.

John saw the video of the crime and immediately posted it to a neighborhood watch network connected to his security camera doorbell. It alerted neighbors with the news as well as the footage from the scene. With the help of neighbors and other’s security cameras, the license plate was captured. The owner and thief were captured, including a car full of other peoples packages.

The woman was charged and arrested all in the same day.

Preventing theft can be a little tricky for many. Camera’s help. Having things delivered to your job can also help. Some have made efforts to post a note with little success. Companies like Amazon have options to deliver to special lockers or even slip packages inside your door.

Cathy Roberson works in the shipping and delivery industry and has some simple advice.

Being in an apartment building with locked doors isn’t protection against package theft, as this photo of a woman who was able to gain entrance to a New York City building and walk out with a bag of all the packages waiting by the mailboxes shows.

“You’ve got something worth 200 bucks being delivered to your home? You better be sitting on your front steps when it arrives.”

Every situation is different, but a little planning, strategy, and prayer could go a long way.

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