Watch This Baby Pray With The Family – My Heart Melted When She Says AMEN!

The adorable little girl is being brought up the right way!  Her parents have been teaching her well, but more importantly they have been good examples for her little mind.   Kids imitate what they see when they are growing up.  A family that prays together, a child will take hold of that a realize that is important.  As soon as her father says that it is time to pray, the little girl sticks out her little hand and closes her eyes.

She sits quietly while her dad prays.

Then when her father finishes the prayer, he is about to say “Amen” when baby says it first it in adorable baby language of course. Then, well, she is ready to eat.  Thank God for children and for parents taking the time to be examples to them.  God bless this little girl and her family!

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