Watch how this toddler puts away his toys

Children have really weird ways of doing things. Chances are, they either don’t want to do what you’re telling them to, or they just don’t know how. Which makes them devise their own little plan, which is funnier than if they would have attempted at doing a task the right way, by themselves. Children are a blessing from God himself. They are intelligent and they take advantage of opportunities.

This baby who was told to put away his toys really has a funny way of doing it. Instead of packing it neatly, what he does is dispose of them completely! Except we don’t think he realizes that that in fact, is what he’s doing. He takes his toys and throws the out the cat flap! Creating a pile of toys on the floor outside the house. The video has clever captions and this toddler is nothing but a joy to watch. Check out the video below.

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