Watch As Giant Gator Takes A Swim In Orlando Swimming Pool

Animals are amazing, but many of them can be dangerous! We have to respect all of God’s creation, and many times that means giving them the space they need. But, what if a dangerous animal invades our space? Well, a homeowner in Orlando, Florida reported seeing a 5-foot long alligator in their swimming pool and it was terrifying!

Video taken from a news station helicopter shows the gator swimming at the bottom of the inground pool. The pool is surrounded by a metal fence, however, it is not screened in. Luckily, it took minutes for a trapper to come in and wrangle the alligator out of the pool. The trapper then dragged the reptile to a nearby grassy area and was able to tape its jaw shut and tie its limbs back before later transporting it out of the area. Take a look at the video below to see the scary scene for yourself:

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