Watch Adorable Moment Senior Pup Realizes Her Soldier Owner Is Standing In Front of Her

I love reunion stories. It shows the foundation of love between people, pets, animals and more.

When I went to my high school reunion, there was also a feeling of love. Remembering moments together, songs, and people who helped to influence my teen life. Some people looked different and I didn’t recognize them until they said their name. This was a similar situation for a smaller reunion between Buddy the dog and her military mom.

Hannah Foraker and her golden retriever have a wonderful relationship. The two are very close and have sent many years together. Buddy is 13 years old and has lost much of her hearing in her older years. She also has some joint problems. The mature dog still has a young heart and a lot of love.

Foraker never left her dog for long periods of time, but she had to when it came time to head off to training. She made efforts to video chat with her dear animal friend but it wasn’t the same.

When Hanna returned, she was excited to see her dog.

“When I came home we let her outside and, at first, she didn’t realize I was home,” she shared in an interview. “Then, she did a double-take and came back to me.”

“That’s when she started crying and whimpering. She was so excited.”

The happy retriever was so happy to see her owner. Her emotions poured out in her actions of rolling on her back and fast wagging tail.

The sweet story has made the internet smile with images of pure love between a pet and her owner.

Let’s pray for our military and every soldier’s safe return home.

Watch some more dogs below reunited with their owners and filled with pure joy.

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