Video of 3-year-old girl dancing with her Papa who has Alzheimer’s melted my heart

Alzheimer’s affects 5.8 million Americans and one in three seniors die with it or some other form of dementia. Dean Evans, a Marine veteran, knows the ins and outs of this deadly, debilitating disease all too well. His father, Ricky, began exhibiting the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in 2011.

At 66-years-old Ricky’s once-active life is now filled with mobility issues, cognitive deficits, and needs full-time care from his family and caregivers. To top it all off, Ricky also deals with a degenerative nerve disorder called Parkinson’s.

Dean Evans recently filmed his three-year-old daughter dancing with her Papa. Dressed in a sparkling lighted dress and twirling to the “Beauty and the Beast” theme song “Tale as Old as Time” little Paisley Evans melts more than her father’s heart with her enthusiasm.

Ricky, supported by his son from behind, as Paisley holds onto her grandfather’s hands dances with the little girl. Her little brother wanted in on the show of affection too and tried to cut in a few times.

The Facebook video is making people tear up with its sweet display of tenderness and tenderness may not be something you expect from an 8-year active duty Marine, now retired.

Service to the country is difficult enough, but the sacrifice Dean and his family makes now to care for their beloved father (and grandfather) is worth our applause. May God bless this family in the days ahead and may they forever remember this moment even if Ricky cannot.

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