Users Upset After Google Home Couldn’t Tell Them Who Jesus Christ Is

God is here for us and promises to look out for those who love him! With increasing technology, it is getting easier and easier to connect with people online and talk about whatever subject you want. Christians all over the world have connected with each other on platforms like Jesus Daily, and it is great for the kingdom of God! But, now people who are using the new Google Home smart speaker are upset because it refuses to answer the question “Who is Jesus Christ?”

According to angry social media users, Google’s smart speaker couldn’t answer the question “Who is Jesus?” but it could provide responses when they asked it for information about Buddha, Muhammad, and Satan. Many people have hypothesized that it was “political correctness” or a lack of respect that was keeping their Google Home device from talking about Jesus or God. But, then Google issued a statement on Friday explaining the problem. This is what they said: “Some have noticed the Google Assistant wouldn’t respond for ‘Who is Jesus.’ This wasn’t out of disrespect but to ensure respect. Some Assistant replies come from the web. It might not reply in cases where web content is more vulnerable to vandalism & spam.”

So, is this a reasonable problem? Do you believe that this is really the issue?


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