Twin Girls Get Life-Size Birthday Cakes That Look Exactly Like Them

God is so gracious to us and loves to bless us with children. And, what could be better than one child? Twins! Lara Mason is so in love with her twin daughters and wanted to do something extra special for their first birthday party. Lara is not only an amazing mom, but she is also an amateur baker, so she took on the task of making the girls’ their first birthday cake, and this wasn’t something she took lightly!

Lara spent more than 100 hours prepping these special cakes. And these cakes weren’t generic at all, they were actually extremely realistic life-size replicas of her 1-year-old twin daughters Lyla and Lily. She had a professional photo taken of the girls digging into their first bites of cake and the pictures immediately went viral! The reason? Well, it’s’ because it’s pretty hard to tell which ones of them are the twins and which are the cakes!

“Everyone had been going on for weeks about what I was going to do for the twins’ first birthday cake, so I was definitely under some real pressure. I decided that the funnest and most memorable thing for us and them would be life-size cakes of the girls themselves,” Lara said. The cakes were made using 44 eggs, 11 pounds of chocolate, almost nine pounds of butter, and nearly five pounds of flour. “I totally understand that some folks might find it a bit creepy, but my husband and I get through everything by just trying to have a bit of a laugh and not take life too seriously, so why not?” Lara said.

And the reactions that these cakes got on the internet have been mixed. Some are saying that the cakes were “incredible,” while others are just plain “terrified.” What do you think?


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