Officiant Asks Wedding Couple To Bow For Prayer As Bride Hears Late Grandpa’s Voice Over Loudspeaker

A wedding day should be a time when family members, friends and loved ones gather to celebrate the bride and groom. But for Brittany Yost, a big piece of her life was missing on her big day.

Little did she know, her soon-to-be husband had something up his sleeve to make her feel better.

Brittany and her grandfather Ronald Adkins were always very close, and he sadly passed away recently at the age of 89. Grandpa Ronald taught Brittany about life, love, and hard work.

In an emotional interview, Brittany told everyone how caring her grandfather was toward her and everyone around him who needed a little extra love.

“I grew up on a farm so he taught me a lot. He was very hardworking and very determined. He was one of the nicest men you would have ever met. He would’ve done anything for anybody.”

As a certified officiant, Grandpa Ronald had promised long ago that he would be the one to marry her. Unfortunately, Grandpa Ronald passed before Brittany and Jordon were engaged.

Brittany said that her grief was overwhelming when it came time to select an officiant.

“A part of me actually grew angry for the fact that other people had that privilege and had the honor of him there and I wouldn’t get to. Way before I was even engaged, we had always talked about [him officiating my wedding]. He always said he would be honored to do so. He knew before he passed away.”

After weeks of going back and forth about who would be the perfect officiant since Grandpa Ronald was gone, Brittany left the decision up to Jordon. This part of wedding planning was too difficult for her.

That’s when an idea hit Jordon. Grandpa Ronald had officiated Brittany’s sister’s wedding the year before and his words were captured on tape forever.

So, with some careful audio editing, Jordon created a new version featuring Grandpa Ronald as the officiant. Jordon and Brittany’s sister kept the officiant a secret until the day of – and when Grandpa Ronald’s voice started playing over the loudspeaker, Brittany was completely overwhelmed with emotion.

She knew who it was the minute the recording started playing, Jordon explained.

“The very second it started playing, she knew who it was. I didn’t know how exactly she’d react to it but it was perfect.”
Brittany’s shock turned to tears as the tape kept playing.

Thankfully their talented photographer on the scene, Sarah Irvin, was there to capture every moment of the emotionally charged ceremony! Brittany said that it was the greatest surprise she’d ever received.

“It was the best feeling ever because that’s something I’d always wanted. I was filled with joy and happiness, but it also broke my heart too because in reality, he’s not actually there.”

Even though Grandpa Ronald wasn’t able to be there in person, he was certainly there in spirit and helped to create the perfect day for the couple!

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