Toddlers Hug Like They Haven’t Seen Each Other For Years But It’s Just Been 2 Days

Now this is what the world needs more of, don’t you think?

When was the last time you hung out with a close friend of yours? For some of us, contemporary life is so crowded that we sometimes miss the individuals nearest to us. Sometimes half a year goes by without seeing our pals, even though we sometimes think it’s only been a couple of weeks, tops.

Children are always frank about their feelings — they do what their hearts lead them to do, and we can all stand up to (re)learn something from them.

A video of two best friends racing towards each other and hugging has caught the eyes of the internet because of how much the 2-year-olds love each other. Now, get ready to go ‘ aww ‘ because your heart is going to melt when you see this!

Michael Cisneros, who is Maxwell’s dad, shared this incredible video. Maxwell and his buddy Finnegan could hardly be apart for two days, which they clearly believed was too long to wait without your BFF.

Cisneros revealed that the two boys are “inseparable” and that they have known each other for a year.

“When they are away from each other, they are always asking about one another,” Cisneros claimed. “They go to music class together, Dana Banana (a weekly music event) and they love to dance — both are excellent dancers.”

I’m going to call all of my greatest buddies and make arrangements to hang out with them this week! How long has it been since you saw the greatest friend of yours?

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