Toddler Passes Away After Being Accidentally Electrocuted By Putting Phone Charger Tip In Mouth

There are a number of reports emerging in relation to a tragic event in India involving the disastrous accidental death of an infant.

Sources have conflicting data, with some claiming the victim is a three-year-old boy while others report a two-year-old girl, but the story itself stays the same horrifying story. On Friday, a lady named Razia brought her young child to visit family, and they were all going to remain at home during the weekend.

It all seemed to lead to a fun and relaxing family time, but it didn’t end that way, sadly.

The next day, on Saturday, a phone was being charged by a family member. The family member merely unplugged his phone once he was finished charging, leaving the charger turned on and its cable across the table.

Many of us are likely to do the same, particularly if we are on the go – laptop and phone fees often remain on, unattended, and unused. As such, this not uncommon.

That’s when the charger came across the young child. Being curious, the child decided to put the charger in their mouth.

The child’s wet mouth was hit by the electrified charger tip, causing a catastrophic electrical shock.

The family hurried to the nearest hospital. Doctors rushed to do everything they could, but it was too late, unfortunately. Only a short time after arrival, the child was pronounced dead.

Please pray for this family as they deal with this tragic loss. We will update when more information is released.

How to keep your children safe from electric shocks or burns:

Put safety covers on all electrical outlets that are not in use.
Ensure unused safety plugs are out of baby’s reach.
Use only electrical cords provided by the manufacturer of the appliance or fixture, and keep out of reach.

Use extension cords that are the single-receptacle type. Cover empty outlets with safety plugs.

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