Toddler Meets Twin Cousins For 1st Time & His Reaction Says It All!

God’s best gifts often come in tiny packages, and this is something we realize the moment we look into a baby’s eyes. The innocence that babies possess makes them irresistibly adorable. To add to the wonder, identical twins are even more magical creations. Except for the twins parents, no one else can easily tell them apart. Even grownups can find it confusing to distinguish between twins. Imagine the situation of a toddler who finds himself in one such situation then! Landon has a set of adorable cousins very close to his age, and the cousins happen to be twins. The twins are as adorable as little Landon himself and they look so identical that you would feel your head reel if you try to identify the twins. Landon got to meet his twin cousins for the first time, and watch the video to witness the cutest scene that unfolded when the cousins met for the first time.

Identical twins are harder to distinguish when they are babies. Parents, however, get the knack of identifying their munchkins and for the others, it is going to be a difficult task. Twiniversity gives some interesting tips to help confused parents and others to identify the twins. For the first few days after birth, leaving the hospital tags can be one of the simplest ways. This can easily avert confusions. But then these bracelets would eventually have to be removed. After this, as the kids grow some parents choose different colors or styles of outfits to tell them apart. But for parents that wish to dress their babies similarly, one other idea is to paint the pinky toe. It is best to paint the pinky since babies might soon develop their hand movement control and they might start biting their big toes.

The video shows a set of twins who do not just look similar but are also dressed similarly increasing the confusion. Landon is placed on a cozy chair in between his adorable twin cousins. The twin on his right starts crying. Once Landon notices this he is then struck with the biggest confusion- the baby on his left also looks very similar. This confusion is seen in his reaction as he looks at both the cousins back and forth as if trying to check and recheck if there really are two babies on his either side that look alike. For a moment in the video, Landon is seen stopping and staring at his mom, with an explicit puzzled look on his face, as he seems to be confused with what he was seeing. Fortunately, the parents captured this beautiful moment in time. The video has, ever since it was first shared, gained a lot of popularity. Landon’s priceless expressions are what we love the most about this video!

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