Tiny Toddler Is Amazing The Internet With His Super Snazzy Dance Moves

When we think of all the little blessings we have received from God it gives us enough reasons to smile and rejoice. We definitely can learn from babies the valuable lesson of how to enjoy life and be happy for the little joys in life. Babies know no inhibition- they sing when they want to sing, sleep when they want to sleep, and dance when they want to dance. They do not stop for a moment to ponder over what the others around them would think if they do what they do! Such an expression of pure elation is what this baby displays with his high spirited dance moves.

One of the best ways to bond with a toddler or even a newborn is with music. Is there a baby who doesn’t like to dance when there is good music?! The baby in this video has taken his dance very seriously and he has some super cool moves to show. Soon after the music starts playing, he gets excited and starts dancing with all his heart and shoulders! Peppy music starts playing in the background. The diaper-wearing tiny tot in the video initially starts tapping to the music as he stands near the couch. In a matter of minutes, he then moves to the floor and brings out the best dance moves he has. It is not always that people manage to pull out such a spontaneous performance and that too with such confidence! He wiggles his shoulders and dances to the song.

At one point he even tries a couple of times to balance on his toes which he does perfectly. The baby’s mother is also seen in the background encouraging him, snapping her fingers and enjoying the music along with her son. The baby throws back a quick glance at it checking on whether his mother is also performing with him and then runs to his mother for a quick dance move with her and once again gets to the center stage to show what he has got. It is surprising how without any lead the baby puts together his own steps for the rhythm and manages to completely steal the show.

The best part is for the beats he perfectly nods his head and spins around. He has that confident stare and a sweet little smile on his face all along and this only makes the whole scene even more enjoyable. And the best part is that at the end of the video, for a brief few seconds before the video closes, the baby is seen rushing to explore what is there in front of him, with the typical baby enthusiasm! So, were you impressed with this 17-month-old dance teacher? Put your dance shoes on and get to the dance floor, for this video is simply cheerful to keep watching in a loop over and over again!

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