Tim Tebow and Fiancé Saving Sex for Wedding Night

Tim Tebow is known for his Christian faith. His story is an amazing one that often centers around sharing the gospel, performing great acts of kindness, or taking a knee on the football field to pray or honor God mid-game.

He famously wore scriptures as his eye-black on the field from his college days through his pro career in the NFL as a quarterback.

Earlier this year Tebow proposed to Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters on his family’s property while the rest of their loved ones watched nearby. Faith is an integral part of the high-profile couple’s lives together, and that carries over into their sex life too.

Fans know the 31-year-old Tebow is saving himself for marriage. His recent engagement has not changed his mind. If anything, it’s made the pair more dedicated to waiting.

“It’s just a choice we made, that we both wanted to do that together and we’ll try to make it as special as possible,” Tim said.

In a recent interview shared online, Tebow talks about how he met Demi-Leigh through his foundation, A Night to Shine. Demi-Leigh, whose sister is special needs, participated in one of the foundation’s events in South Africa and the two hit it off.

We congratulate and express our happy felicitations for the couple and pray for their life together. May it be fruitful and blessed.

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