These identical twins will marry another pair of identical twins

God has made a match for everyone. Some more like than the others. No matter the similarities or differences between these matches, we can rest assured that He has a plan for us. These matches are in alignment with the plans that God has for each of us.

Michigan is all set to welcome its new pair of newly weds – two sets of 24-year old identical twins who went on their first dates together, became engaged around the same time and are now all prepared to marry this weekend.

The marriage between identical twins Krissie and Kassie Bevier and Zack and Nick Lewan will take place in Grass Lake on August 3 and 4, according to the Jackson Citizen Patriot. Krissie and Zack will tie the knot on Friday while their twins, Kassie and Nick will wait till Saturday to wed each other. The two couples will share their engagement on Saturday night.

Nick Lewan told WILX-TV, “I’m in disbelief sometimes of just how everything happened.”
Kassie and Nick met each other four years ago in a psychology class at Grand Valley State University. They invited their twins along on their first date to church. It didn’t take long for Krissie and Zack to start dating after that.

The Lewan Brothers proposed to the Beviers together on a trip to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn last year.

The four plan to move in together into a two-bedroom apartment in Fenton.

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