The Men of Celtic Thunder Sing Christmas ‘Hallelujah’

Holiday music seems to be everywhere I go. It’s in the stores, in cars passing by and on the radio. Everyone seems to be a fan of the Christmas spirit. Celtic Thunder recently joined the festive movement and decided to share a little joy in their most recent show.

In front of a festive holiday crowd, Celtic Thunder performed a variety of holiday songs for their Christmas show. One that topped the performance was their rendition of ‘Hallelujah.’

A video was published of the event on social media and has been widely viewed and shared.

The audience was captivated as they watched in their Santa hats. The beautiful harmonies, strings accompaniment and lyrics came together in a perfect blend.

The stage was decorated, the lights and effects were dazzling, and everyone was dressed up. The entire package truly embodied the holiday.

The young men from Ireland and are popular for their quality voices and entertaining sets. They started their singing journey together about 10 years ago and have been climbing the charts ever since.

Celtic Thunder performs a variety of songs including originals and popular hits of all genres. They tend to have choreographed routines and a bit of a theatre element to their performance styles. The group was a big hit on public television in the states and they are currently on a North American tour until the end of 2018.

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