Teen Falls Asleep At Sleepover Then His Friends Pour Boiling Hot Water On Him As A Prank

Sleepover pranks are common for most kids.

Waking up to find a sharpie mustache, getting smashed with whipped cream, or finding light objects stacked on your forehead are all pretty funny examples of things that kids do to each other.

But while not very dangerous most of the time, the internet has created a new breed of sleepover pranks which are quite dangerous.

Many of these invented challenges pose serious health risks and can result in long-term consequences for participants.

One of these challenges is known as the Hot Water Challenge. It has gone viral on Youtube and other social media sites over the past few weeks as more and more kids participate.

The Hot Water Challenge features kids dumping hot water on themselves, surprising a friend by throwing hot water on them, or chugging hot water.

The biggest health issue is that the challenge calls for boiling water, but water begins to cause third-degree burns at a much lower temperature.

So far, many kids have already died from this challenge. Ki’ari Pope, 8, passed away after drinking boiling water through a straw. She quickly developed respiratory problems and ended up dying a few days later.

Other teens have been placed in the hospital after being pranked with hot water by their friends, with some kids sustaining second and third-degree burns on their bodies. Scars have formed which will be with them forever.

This teen from Arkansas also ended up in a situation similar to the above. 15-year-old Nickolas Conrad, a student who goes to Sherwood High School, was hanging out with a few of his friends during a sleepover.

He was the first person to fall asleep, so his friends made the decision to perform the Hot Water Challenge on him. They threw hot water on him, and he jolted awake screaming in pain from his neck.

The pain was so bad that Nickolas was unable to actually get out of bed for two hours. He eventually went to the bathroom and saw how bad his injury was.

Nickolas is now recovering from the injury. He has to keep the first- and second-degree burns covered on his neck area to prevent further damage.

He also has a tiny burn on his arm from where the water splattered. He wants to make it his mission to prevent this challenge from spreading amongst other groups of friends.

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