Man Bikes Down Quiet Dirt Road And Sees Spotted Shape Ahead Running Towards Him

A man from Córdoba, Argentina, hopped on his bike and began cycling along his normal route. He certainly didn’t expect that he would save a life on that day. The biker spotted some movement in the bushes as he headed down a quiet dirt road. He didn’t pay much attention at first and continued along the way. But something told him to turn back and do some research. It’s a good thing he did, because an amazing stray dog was already on his way to him on his way back down the dirt path. The puppy was thought to have been abandoned far from the nearest town.

It was clear the dog was thankful to see a human. She not only needed food and water but also a loving home.

“I, an animal lover, could not refuse her,” the kindhearted biker said in a statement. “I put her on the bicycle and, as best I could, drove her home.”

He brought her to the doctor, and just a few short days later, the puppy — now named Juanita — was adopted by her beautiful forever family.

Thank God for this amazing cyclist who followed his instincts and saved the cutest little life.

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