Homeowner Catches Woman Taking Packages off Doorstep With Doorbell Camera

With the increase and ease of online ordering, one can get just about anything delivered in a jiffy. You find what you want, click it into your cart, pay the amount, and in a matter of days, your package has arrived. It’s admittedly fun to come home to see your items waiting for you, but what if you saw someone casually taking them through the lens of your security camera. This was the case with Texas resident Michelle Tull.

While she was away from her home working, she received a notice that alerted her of movement at the front porch. On this sunny day, a woman was parked in Michelle’s driveway with the back door of her car opened. She picked up one of four large boxes off of the patio bench. At this moment, Michelle addressed the thief through the cameras intercom and firmly asked, “Hey, what are you doing?”

The woman seemed confused and surprised, realizing she was being watched. She implied that she was at the wrong address and was looking to get Debora’s packages. “Is this Debora’s house? Oh, my God, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” she repeated multiple times. The woman gently placed the large box where it originally was and quickly left the scene while continuing to say sorry.

Michelle revealed that her items were simply a recent order of inexpensive cat litter, but it wasn’t about the price of her purchases. For the woman attempting the crime, the real value was in the lesson.

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