Teen Sees Stranger on Porch, Grabs Four-Year-Old Niece and Hides before He Kicks in Door

For many teenage girls, babysitting is something they look forward to doing for a little extra money. It takes responsibility and a fun factor to keep little ones entertained. Plenty of safety cautions have to be taken as well, but handling a robbery usually isn’t on that list.

Savannah Jones and her 4-year-old niece Zoyee were alone on a Tuesday afternoon. The 14-year-old was babysitting the toddler for a few hours until her parents were home from work.

While the girls were having a nice time together, someone knocked at the Montclair, California home.

The teen looked out of the peephole and didn’t recognize the man. Something told her that this wasn’t an ordinary visitor or someone with good intentions. She decided to get her niece and they immediately went to hide in the bathroom.

The young girl contacted her mom on her cell phone to get help. As the two were talking the man at the door started to knock louder and turning the doorknob. Savannah closed the bathroom door and locked it.

The man at the door kicked it down and came into the home. Savanna was texting to get help so the man wouldn’t hear her, and she also tried to keep the toddler quiet so they wouldn’t be discovered.

Savanna’s mother was able to get help and a neighbor came by. The man had already left the scene by the time help arrived. Luckily no one was hurt and everything worked out okay.

Thank goodness she didn’t answer the door and immediately contacted someone for help.

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