Boy With Autism Franticly Calls 911 Over Missing Teddy Bear Then They Come To The Rescue

Woodbridge Township Police Department received a frantic phone call from an autistic 12-year-old boy.

The call did not allege any sort of crime taking place, and it didn’t deal with an assault or a robbery or even a murder. But it was a missing person problem or sorts. Make that, a missing animal you could say.

Ryan Paul had misplaced his teddy bear and wanted someone to help him find it.

Ryan, like many children, are taught at an early age to dial 911 in case of a serious emergency. So when his teddy bear went missing, to him, it was in fact, an emergency.

He had been playing in his room when his beloved teddy bear named Freddy had went missing.

He called 911 but hung up the phone before the operator could get any details on the emergency. After realizing what was going on, Ryan’s father asked “Ryan, did you call 911?” Ryan admitted that he had, saying, “Teddy bear rescue.”

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. As part of the department’s policy, Officer Khari Manzini responded to the hangup call. Robert didn’t know if the officer would understand his son’s special needs or how to properly communicate with him but his doubts were soon lifted.

Officer Manzini and Ryan began searching for the lost bear. He and Ryan searched the boy’s room and found him hiding behind the bed.

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