Teen Ripped Away by Current Survived by ‘Talking to God’ While Stranded in Ocean 10 Hours

Miracles happen all around us, every day. God blesses us with many miracles on a daily basis. However, some are a little harder to believe than others. This story is proof that when it comes to getting things done, God doesn’t disappoint. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Blake Spataro, 19, was on vacation when he found himself at the mercy of the ocean. The teen from Louisiana was stranded at sea. He was at St. Simon Island in Georgia when a strong current unexpectedly yanked him out to sea. The teen survived 10 straight hours in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He conserved energy by floating on his back.

He spent a whole night in the ocean and he said he survived by having conversations with God and staying strong in his faith.

The U.S. Coast Guard also sent out a search warrant looking for the missing teen. His father, Kirk Spataro roamed around the seashore yelling his son’s name throughout the whole night.

Janice Spataro, Blake’s mother, had been on the vacation with Blake. She had a strong feeling that he was in the ocean when she found out he was missing. She also stayed strong in her faith and prayed the whole night.

She even asked for help on social media. Spataro had almost given up hope when he saw the lights from the life boats. It gave him great strength to know that people were looking for him. So he swam on to a nearby golf course that is a few miles from the St. Simon Island. He wanted to live so he persevered. When he got to shore, he looked for help, called his family, and got checked into a hospital. He is blessed to be alive.

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