Taco Bell Employee’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral

God has filled the world with wonderful people who are willing to help those in need at the drop of a hat. It is God’s will that we help everyone around us, even if we don’t know them at all. God rewards those who help others by showering them with countless blessings and gifts. We should thank God every day by praying to him. Caleb Francis is an 18-year-old who worked at Taco Bell. While he was in school, he had to pick electives. Caleb knew that he wanted to do something different. As he wasn’t interested in art or ceramics, he didn’t pick them as his electives. And while he wanted to learn a language, he didn’t want to select French or Spanish as everyone does that.

Due to this train of thought, he chose to go ahead and chose sign language as his elective for the next two years. Caleb had no idea that choosing sign language would have a huge impact on his life. When Caleb was working at Taco Bell, a confused deaf customer came in and wanted to order a side of salsa and sour cream. However, the customer didn’t know how to communicate with the person taking his order. But, thanks to Caleb’s elective, he was able to communicate with the deaf person, giving him the exact order he wanted.

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