Susan Boyle joins choir to sing Christmas classic ‘Away In A Manger’

I love hearing Christmas music this time of year. The songs make me feel loved and warm while it’s cold outside. The lyrics to many of the holiday songs are deeply touching and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus. Susan Boyle embodies this spirit as she sings ‘Away In A Manger’ with a children’s choir.

In a video performance at Rockefeller Plaza Boyle delighted the audience as she stood on stage with white lights and Christmas trees. The choir was so sweet and pure as her voice sang through the NYC air.

For Susan Boyle, her faith has always been a significant part of her life and has been the foundation of her singing. She talked about the connection in an interview.

“My faith is incredibly important to me on every level. It gets me through those moments of self-doubt and also allows me to understand that this gift of my career, later in life, is from a higher power. Religion is very important to me and I still attend church services regularly.

“As a young child, I went with my family to church and sang in the choir. I find that my religion gives me a direction in life and brings great happiness. ”

It’s so wonderful to see a woman who loves Jesus and acknowledges him in every way. What a wonderful path she has had and she says it’s all because of Him.

I hope you enjoy her lovely performance. Merry Christmas to you!

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