Studies Show Babies Born In December Have Several Advantages Over Everyone Else

Having a baby is very exciting and very nerve-wracking at the same time. You never really know how it’s going to turn out, no matter how prepared you are. There will always be some kind of curveball that comes out of nowhere when you have your own baby.

You might think that there is no time of the year that would be “better” for having a kid, but according to scientists, that’s not true – December is the best month.

Apparently December is the ideal time to have a baby for a number of reasons. While that may not be your first instinct, mostly because anyone you know with a December birthday has probably explained how much it stinks to share their celebrations with Christmas, but it seems they’ve had some advantages all along.

There are multiple studies that have shown that being born in December is actually the best time of the year, here’s why:

December babies sleep better

A study found that babies born in December actually fell asleep faster and earlier in the night than babies born in the summer. Not only that, but another study suggested that December babies seem to be statistically more likely to be “morning people” than those born in the other eleven months out of the year. Who doesn’t want that?

December babies live longer

If you want to give your baby the best chance at living to see 100 or longer, apparently a December birthday is the key. The study found that there were actually a surprising number of December-born people who lived to 105+ years old.

December babies have healthier hearts

Studies have shown that people born in September – December had a lower rate of cardiovascular disease than the rest of us, which might be part of the reason they live for so long.

December babies are friendlier

According to one survey, people born in December are reported to be much less moody and irritable than people born in other months – specifically in the Summer months.

December babies are more likely to become dentists

While it is a bit of a strange point, it is interesting nonetheless. December babies are statistically more likely to become dentists, and while that may not be a selling feature to some, at least it’s a great career that will always be in demand.

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