Student’s Questionable School Lunch Post Goes Viral: ‘Sad Excuse for A Meal’

School meal creates outrage among parents.

As a parent, your first priority is to ensure that your children get healthy meal with balanced nutrition. Little did the parents of students from Apollo High School in St. Cloud know what kind of mean was served by the school during lunch. Thanks to Maryn Holler, a student in the school, the truth was out in the open.

Maryn Holler shared an alarming picture of the lunch served at school in Apollo High School. The lunch tray was relatively empty except for a few baby carrots, a packet of marinara sauce, and an opened hot dog bun with melted cheese. The shock was that the school tried to pass it on as a nutritionally balanced meal, a suitable meal for children.

Not every family can afford to give their children a balanced meal every day and depend on the school lunch. There are kids for whom the school lunch is all they get to eat. Under such circumstance, the school was passing 50 cent meal for $3 by placing a hotdog bun with cheese.

Maryn Holler’s Facebook page received more than a thousand reactions and some even called it a ‘sad excuse for a meal’. Unfortunately, the school response triggered outrage as they didn’t seem to be taking it seriously and started their apology with ‘Oops we goofed up!’ God sent Maryn Holler as his messenger to speak for others. Thanks to Maryn Holler’s courage, the district nutritionist asked to meet her and she hopes that things will change for better.

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