Student Hears Crying In Parking Lot And Finds A Freezing Baby Abandoned In Truck Bed

On a bitterly cold morning back in May 2017, a college student from Tallahassee, Florida heard the sound of muffled cries coming from the bed of a pickup truck as he was walking through the parking lot of an apartment building. He immediately called 911, and when the paramedics arrived, they found a tiny baby boy curled up in the bed of the Nissan pick-up truck. He had been abandoned. He was helplessly crying.

The one-week-old nameless baby was all alone and freezing. He had no blanket to keep him warm.

Paramedics rushed the newborn to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. There he was placed in the care of Lorraine Nichols, a seasoned respiratory therapist.

Lorraine began treating the one-week-old baby. He was hypothermic and had a dangerously low body temperature. He was also starving, and his skin had started to peel.

Since the baby had no name, the hospital gave him a computer-generated one: “Whiskey Doe.”

Nichols continued helping Whiskey Doe recover. She was a survivor herself, having beat breast cancer twice. She had spent tens of thousands of dollars on IVF in the effort to have a baby in recent years. They were advised to stop trying as the hormones had a chance of bringing cancer back. Since then, they had thought about adoption and now knowing that she has the right answer in her hand she made a life-changing realization and called her husband.

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