Painting Of Jesus Christ Survives Massive Inferno As Rest Of Church Crumbles To The Ground

A painting of Jesus was the only thing to survive a hellish inferno

God, our Lord, and Savior is always with us. He is in our homes, our hearts, and in our lives. The Lord always shows us signs of his presence. Those of us, whose eyes, minds, and hearts are open to perceive these signs, know that he is always near us and at our aid.

Sometimes, even though our faith remains strong as ever, we forget that God is much closer to us than we imagine. Then something happens to reaffirm our faith and lead us back to Christ.

The residents of a small Massachusetts town recently had such an experience. The parishioners of Wakefield awoke to tragic news one morning. Their much-loved Church – the iconic 150-year-old First Baptist Church – was caught in a blazing inferno. Before firefighters could step in, most of the buildings had burned to the ground. Along with the church, the 35-year-old Tall Spire Nursery School too burnt beyond saving.

But as distraught parishioners gathered at the Church gates in alarm, good news swept through the neighborhood. Firefighters had discovered a beautiful wood-paneled painting of Jesus Christ, completely unscathed and in perfect condition, inside the burning building. It was a miraculous find. Almost everything else – paintings, fabrics, stained glass, books – had been completely or partially destroyed.

The finding of Jesus Christ painting renewed the faith of the Wakefield Churchgoers in Christ. The painting was a clear sign that although the house of God was no more, the Lord was with them.

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