5 Hilarious Cat Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

Every living creature is a beautiful creation of God. From the tiniest insect to the great big blue whale, every being is designed beautifully with its own set of amazing traits. God made cats graceful, mysterious, and so very entertaining. God must have a special place in His heart for cats because they are just so lovable and can make you laugh until you cry. Cat owners all over the world know what adventures their furry babies can get up to. Some cat parents have been kind enough to capture some funny moments with their kitties on camera and share them with the world.

1. A box full of Styrofoam balls must have looked really comfy to this one cat but after getting out of the box it seems like the Styrofoam balls wanted it to stay. The cat covered in tiny white balls made for a very funny picture and the look on the cat’s face was priceless.

2. A poor little kitty got left out in the rain but from the look on its face as it peered in through the window, someone was going to have to pay.

3. Looking for the remote between the couch cushions? At this one house, you might actually find their cat.

4. “Sure I can fit through this Slinky”, this cat must have thought just before getting its face stuck in the springy toy.

5. We don’t know how the cat got stuck at the top of two adjacent doors nor do we know how it got down. What we do know is that it made a really great cat-fail picture.

If you have a cat you know exactly what we’re talking about. Share this story with other cat owners to make them laugh!

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