Struggling Lunch Lady Goes In For ‘Emergency Shift’ Only To Learn A Stranger Has Been Watching And Left Her A SUV

As a kid, I would go through the lunch line and the only thing I would notice is what was available for dessert. After a while, I started to know the men and women that helped serve the food and they would give a pleasant hello. I didn’t know much about their personal lives. In this touching story, someone did take notice of a lunch woman and surprised her with a much-needed blessing.

Teton High School located in Idaho has a hard-working employee named Cheryl Stewart. She keeps a smile on her face at work but has a lot to manage in her life at home. She is a cancer survivor who is now helping her husband who has lupus and prostate cancer. She works extra hours and takes on other small jobs to make ends meet. As the only person working in her family, Cheryl works every day of the week. She even scheduled surgery for herself over the holiday so she wouldn’t miss any work days. Recently she had some car trouble and cannot get from place to place. Her mom and dad occasionally lend her their car when they can.

An anonymous person bought a big gift for Cheryl with hopes of making things a little bit easier for the woman. A local news station presented her with the present.

‘They bought me a car! Oh my gosh! Thank you so much I can’t believe it,” said Cheryl.”

She cried tears of joy as she held the keys in her hand.

What a great reminder to help and love on each other.

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