Dad Lets Son Try Soda For The First Time, Grabs His Camera To Film Boy’s Hilarious Reaction

How many of you loved sweets as a kid? It is probably every child’s dream come true to be allowed to eat as many sweets as they want.. and if we’re honest it’s probably every adult’s dream too! Letting our children try new foods is always an interesting experience. Sometimes they absolutely love the new foods, but other times they make a face of absolute disgust the moment it touches their tongue!

In this video, a little boy named Ernie really wants to try soda for the first time. His dad, who notices that Ernie’s mom isn’t around at the moment, decides to give his son a few sips and film his reaction.  The funny father shows Ernie a bottle of blue cream soda and the boy’s face instantly light up. But, then he remembers a rule that his family has. “It has sugar,” Ernie says. “We can’t eat sugar.”

“Well, your mom’s not in here, so no one’s here to stop us,” Ernie’s dad says. So, the little boy paces around the room as he maked his decision. Finally, Ernie gives in and takes a sip. “Oh man,” Ernie says as he takes his first sip. But, it’s not over yet! See what comes next by watching for yourself in the video below:

[Source/Little Things]

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