Stroke Leaves Young Woman With Paralyzed Face, 10 Years Later Her Husband Reveals How He Really Feels

At times, our life turns out to be an amazing example for others. Our testimonies may change another person’s faith and strengthen their beliefs. God works in wondrous ways and He blesses us with opportunities to talk about Him and how He changes our lives for the best. Katherine Wolf was 26 years old, newly married, and enjoying marital bliss. She had just become a mother and did not expect what had happened next in the least. In 2008, a brain stem stroke left Katherine with a paralyzed face. The stroke was so massive that Katherine was not expected to live, let alone recover from it. Miraculously though, it happened.

Katherine’s face remains paralyzed and she needs a wheelchair to get around. But she continues to live in strength, grace, and mercy. Her husband, Jay is her lifeline and her support. Together they are using Katherine’s story to inspire others and to instill hope and hope in the hearts of other believers. They talk about the hope in Christ, their savior. The true hope that strengthens and heals them every day. They have been sharing their story and bringing hope to the people around them. But, more than that, they are amazed at how they were filled with hope through their process of healing. They see themselves as missionaries of hope, people who have come a long way in life, just to speak about Christ and his miracles. The couple has even started a ministry called Hope Heals to reach out to the people who are drowning and help them find solace and peace.

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