Stranger interrupts young girl on piano and starts to play with her on same piano

When it comes to pianos sitting in public places, you never quite know what you’re going to get. Sound like something Forest Gump might say doesn’t it? lol

Some of the most popular viral videos in recent years have been created by seemingly random strangers pulling up a stool and going to work on the keys. Of course, not everyone is concert pianist in disguise, but for the most part those with the confidence to play public pianos do so for good reason.

One girl was playing on a public piano when what looks to be a stranger walks up and tried to take over. What followed was a performance that stole the attention of all the people passing by.

Video footage shows the young girl playing contently on a public piano, when a man approaches and seemingly tries to take over the piano. In the beginning, the girl is unhappy, telling the man to find his own piano as she’s practising.

After a few moments, she eventually relents, though the look on her face says more about her true feelings than any words can say.

Just a few short seconds after the man begins to play, however, the whole atmosphere changes. The girl begins to clap her hands, and before long, onlookers are stopping to listen.

One of the onlookers, decides he, too, wants to get involved in the performance. Together with the girl, they join the man on the piano in a three player piano performance that everyone stops to listen to.

Three piano players, one amazing performance.

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