Steve Martin Has to Leave Johnny Carson… Funniest Moments of The Tonight Show

If you are old enough to remember the classic “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,” then you will remember Steve Martin was a regular throughout the late seventies and eighties.

Steve, known for his characters and funny-man shtick on “Saturday Night Live” and was one “wild and crazy guy.” His guest appearances were so popular, and frequent that many assumed he was a regular though he was only a guest.

Martin’s popularity escalated as his movie career took off. Classics like “The Jerk,” (1979) “The Three Amigos,” (1986) “Father of the Bride,” (1991) and the remake of “The Pink Panther” (2006.)

Most recently his projects include voice overwork and delving into his love of music as a bandleader of a Bluegrass group, Steep Canyon Rangers. Born in the 1940s in Waco, Texas, Steve’s traveled the world and graced large and small screens with his over-the-top antics and boisterous laugh.

Steve got started young as an entertainer. He cheered, or as he called it, “yell-leading” in high school. He attempted to make cheers like, “Die you gravy-sucking pigs” but says they did not go over well. The cheers do point to the sardonic sense of humor Martin is known for later in his career.

What is your favorite Steve Martin role or character?

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