South Carolina Professor Carries Baby for Student Who Couldn’t Find Child Care

We love babies! And luckily for college student Abby Handberry, so does her instructor.

Abby had a big day coming up for school at Columbia College. The South Carolina mom was scheduled to give an informational speech to her peers for her intro to special ed class. She had been preparing for most of the semester and really wanted to do a good job. When it came time to make arrangements for her son to be watched that day, all of her options fell through.

“My husband was at home and he got really sick. So, my usual sitter my grandma was busy, so I asked my teacher if I could bring him. She said I could bring him. I was nervous about bringing him just because I don’t know if you can see, but he’s a little rambunctious,” Abby said in an interview.

Little Emmett went to class that day and Dr. Stafanski, the teacher happily helped out. She wore a front baby carier holding Emmett, who was on his best behavior. As a result, Abby was able to attend the class and give an amazing show of her hard work.

Dr. Stafanski has children of her own, and shared her reasons for the kind gesture. “I understand what it’s like to try and ballance kids and life and school and work, and I just wanted to help out wherever I could.” She added “It’s great for other teachers to see that it’s manageable.”

Not only did Abby get a good grade for the day, but her teacher gets an ‘A plus’ as well.

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