Son Brought Back to Life after Car Wreck. Wakes Up & Tells Mom What He Saw in Heaven

The question of God’s existence has been doing the rounds for millennia and we are nowhere near to having an absolute answer. However, there are a few that consider themselves fortunate enough to see the truth.
In this case, it’s a woman named Julie Kemp and her son Landon, who are now convinced of God’s existence after a tragedy struck their lives.

Kemp, her husband Andy, and Landon were involved in a car accident not too long ago. Though Kemp and Landon survived, Andy, sadly, did not.

Thanks to the wonders of medical science, both, mother and son, made it out alive. However, it did not come easy. They required resuscitation. In fact, Landon was in such bad shape that he had to be resuscitated twice. To make things worse, the doctors told Kemp that her son would probably lose most of his functions because of significant brain damage.

Needless to say, the news of her son’s predicted disabilities and the prior events caused severe distress to Kemp, who began to question her own faith in God despite being a staunch believer. However, it seems that God wasn’t willing to let go of a faithful soul that easily.

When her son finally woke up from a coma, he had some amazing things to share. According to Landon, he was in a place that could only be described as heaven. He also mentioned that he saw his father there. But, what awed Kemp most was Landon mentioning her two other children. Kemp suffered two miscarriages prior to having Landon, who was not privy to this information.

But, the fact that Landon saw them convinced Kemp that he really had been to heaven. Wondering what else Landon could have possibly witnessed? Watch below.

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