Simon Tears Up and Salutes Girl Injured In Manchester Bombing After Emotional Audition

A teenage girl who survived the Manchester Arena attack has made it through to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

Hollie Booth, 13, was injured in the bombing which happened on May 22, 2017, following a concert by pop star Ariana Grande.

Hollie was at the Ariana Grande’s concert with her aunt Kelly and her mother Claire when a bomb detonated in the foyer. Kelly Brewster was killed shielding her niece from the blast. Claire broke her jaw, while Hollie broke both her legs.

Hollie’s aunt, Kelly Brewster, 32, was one of 22 people killed in the attack.

Hollie returned to Manchester for the first time since the attack with her dance troupe, RISE, to audition.

In their BGT audition, the all-girl dance group came on stage wearing t-shirts adorned with the worker bee symbol of Manchester. Hollie is still using a wheelchair after the terrorist attack, and her fellow dancers all used wheelchairs in the routine as well.

As the opening bars of Ariana Grande’s One Last Time rang out when the routine began, Alesha and Amanda teared up.

‘You’ve come on and shown what you’re made of. This will inspire a lot of people. I salute you.’ – Simon Cowell

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