Sick Boy Brings Sign To Basketball Game, Brings Entire Arena To Their Feet In Applause

Hearing that you have cancer is an experience like no other, but the news can be even more devastating when it comes to a young child. Cameron only 12 yeas old, but was diagnosed with Leukemia May on 23. He is from Austintown, Ohio and is a huge basketball fan.

Cameron, who is in 6th grade, has gotten a lot of support from his family and classmates. He has been a trooper as he goes through chemo treatment and everyone is so impressed by this young boy’s strength in the midst of trials. “He is a big teddy bear of smiles and hugs! We know he is hoping to be able to come home soon to enjoy the summer months off, but he’s in for a long road of chemo, treatments and visits to Cleveland, ” said one friend who setup a GoFundMe for Cam.

Cameron’s treatments have been going very well and he went with his family to Cleveland to watch the Cavaliers game to celebrate. But Cameron didn’t go to the game empty handed, he made a special sign that he brought along with him. The jumbo-tron’s camera found Cameron in the crowd during the game, so he unfolded his poster that read “My last chemo is Thursday. I”m here to celebrate. #CamStrong.” The entire crowd got up on their feet to cheer for cameron. Even LeBron James halted his warm up routine to clap for Cameron!

“Cameron Jaros this is for you buddy. We are so proud of you. The strength you have shown is, and always will be, a huge inspiration to me. You are my HERO. I love you Cam Bam,” said one of Cameron’s family members on Facebook. “I was at that game… it was a very special moment. Beautiful!!!” another Cavaliers fan commented on Facebook.

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