Widow Is Lonely After Husband Passes, Then Sees New Puppy At Her Door

Sally Rewehooeern, a Holland native, came to America in 1953. The 92-year-old has been by herself for 28 years after her husband passed away in 1990. Her children are all living in other locations, leaving Sally a little lonely at times.

A family nearby lost their beloved family pooch, Blizzard when he passed away.

The family soon welcomed Brody, a precious 15-week-old Saint Bernard. To Sally’s surprise, the puppy showed up at her house after he strayed off from his new home. A special friendship was immediately made, and the two continue to adore each other today.

Brody sneaks off every day to visit Sally in her garden, walk with her and jump in her car.

Sally was raised with tons of canines as a young lady on her families land. Brody reminds her of these sweet times and has brought tremendous joy and energy into her life.

God seems to always put the right person, or animal, in our lives when we need them most. We just need to trust in Him and be open to letting people in our lives and also open to letting the bad ones go.

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