She shouts ‘Are you serious?’ when students mom tells teacher to step outside blindsiding her

This past summer, Courtney Adeleye, CEO and founder of The Mane Choice hair product, got the chance to help someone when she heard distressing news about her daughter’s teacher.

Her husband told her the teacher couldn’t afford a car and in order to get to school, she had to catch multiple busses, adding hours to her commute. To Adeleye, this was unacceptable.

Hearing the story, Adeleye immediately went out and bought the teacher a brand-new Ford Focus—even paying it off in full.

It took her a while to pick the perfect ride, but she eventually settled on a white model which reportedly starts selling at nearly $18,000.

After wrapping the vehicle in a bright blue bow, Adeleye was ready for the surprise.

She hoped the teacher wouldn’t consider the gift an act of charity. She had done it out of the kindness of her heart, and she hoped it would be appreciated.

When it was time to surprise the teacher with her gift, Adeleye’s daughter recorded the event.

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