She Begged Her Dog To Bark Softly, Can’t Stop Laughing At Dog’s Reply

One of the amazing parts of owning a dog is being able to train it to follow your commands and do impressive tricks. The trick the dog shows off in this video is made to perform has to be one of the coolest dog tricks you have ever seen.

in the video, a mom asks her dog to bark for her. The obedient dog does the trick, but this doesn’t feel like a cool trick at first until you hear her next command and watch how the dog responds. She asks the dog to bark softly and interestingly the pooch replies with a low volume bark.

She then asks him to bark even softer and he follows her commands perfectly. She continues to instruct him to bark softly until his voice is barely audible. The way this woman has been able to train her dog is so incredible. It’s not every day you get to see a dog that can do things like this.

While this might not look like any of the more complex dog tricks out there, getting a dog to bark very softly is an impressive feat.

According to a dog experts, although it is something most dogs never get to learn, it is possible to teach your dog this trick and get it to start whispering on command. The process of doing this is just like the usual process of training your dog.

In fact, most people find it pretty easy to get their dog to speak or stop speaking on demand, but getting a dog to whisper like the one in the video isn’t exactly simple but quite possible as well.

Once all the logistical aspects of dog training, such as picking a cue word and other things have been settled you can proceed to train your dog to whisper. Of course, there are a number of methods to go about doing this one of them is what was called the gentle whisper method highlighted this way:

The Gentle Whisper Method

Step 1 Have a seat: Call your dog over and have him or her sit in front of you.

Step 2 The stare: Stare at your puppy right in their eyes and very quietly say “Whisper” or your choice of cue words. Repeat this until your dog barks at you – at this point it’s okay if it is loud.

Step 3 Reward on demand: as soon as your pup barks tell him “Good whisper” and give a tasty treat. This helps your pup to start getting an idea of what you are going for.

Step 4 Volume control: Now that you have your pup barking when you say “whisper” it’s time to start getting serious. This time only give him a treat when his barks are quieter. He will soon figure out that he only gets treats when he barks in a hushed fashion.

Step 5 It’s whisper time; Repeat the above steps, making sure to reward your pup on steadily quieter and quieter barks until he reaches what you consider to be the perfect indoor voice. With time and patience, you can start showing off this new trick to your friends!

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