Selfie saves Texas man from serving up to 99 years in prison

Technology seems to be moving at such a fast pace. Every year we have new cell phones and abilities that make life easier. Luckily for one man, a mobile self-portrait gave him a life of freedom instead of a life sentence.

Christopher Precopia, 21 years old was having a normal day when authorities arrested him. They told him he was being charged for a physical assault with a woman from his past.

The woman claimed Christopher forced his way into her home, cut her chest and attacked her. Precopia hadn’t spoken to the woman in a very long time and wasn’t sure when the last time they spoke was. He was completely not in touch with her.

While he was in jail, his mother recalled an evening out together on the day of the accused crime. A ‘selfie’ photo was taken on the evening and estimated time of the assault. The victim lived about an hour away from where the photo was taken. It proved Christopher was innocent.

“He was very fortunate that she chose a date and time that he just happened to have a rock-solid alibi for. He and I have talked many times about how lucky he is, whether you believe in a higher power or good old-fashioned luck,” said Christopher’s attorney.

The charges were no longer valid and Christopher is ready to put this behind him.

“I’m ready to actually live my life, the way I want to, without having any kind of worry that this can come back and hurt me”.

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