How many days after the birth of Christ did Joseph and Mary give him the name Jesus?

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Your Daily Devotion From Doctor Tabor

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

2 Corinthians 9:15

His Indescribable Gift

What are the best gifts you’ve ever received at Christmas throughout your entire lifetime? Did you get a pony when you were growing up? A new bicycle that you dreamed about? A favorite doll, drum set, or iPod? Or maybe you’ve been blessed to receive some presents as an adult that have left you speechless: perhaps an engagement ring, a new car, a precious family heirloom, or a surprise vacation.

Regardless of your best gifts, none of them can compare with the ultimate gift—the indescribable gift of grace and eternal life! God gave us his most precious, most beloved Son, knowing that his time on earth would not be easy. And yet, our Father knew that this was the only gift that could bridge the gap between our sins and his holiness.

It’s always memorable to give and to receive larger-than-life, breathtaking gifts. But the most dazzling gift of all has already been given.

Pray: “Jesus, you gave your life for me. I want to give my life for you.”

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Your Daily Trivia Answer

How many days after the birth of Christ did Joseph and Mary give him the name Jesus?


It was required by law that eight days after the birth of a son they would circumcise him and name him. They followed the law and circumcised him and named him Jesus, as the angel had told them to, eight days after his birth. This can be found in Luke 2:21.




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