Screaming Mom Dragged Out Of Courtroom After Suspect Who Killed Her 2 Sons Laughed

God is here for us an wants us to trust in Him. There is no doubt that evil is present in our world, but God promises to work all things out for those who love him and who are called according to his purpose. We are also called to forgive one another as Christ forgave us, but this is far from easy. Marie Wren is a grieving mother who is struggling to reach peace after the murder of her two sons.

After over a year of working toward justice in the case of her two sons’ murder, Marie Wren could not keep it together in the courtroom any longer. This emotional mother actually had to be restrained by court officials after she attempted to attack the alleged killer of her two boys. It all happened as Wren stared at suspected killer Brice Rhodes, the man whose face she described as demonic.It was then that Rhodes laughed at her, a response that sent this mother lunging across the room. Right now, Brice Rhodes is the last of four to stand trial for the murder of Maurice Gordon and Larry Ordway.

The other three have already taken plea deals, but Brice Rhodes has pleaded not guilty to the charges being pressed against him. The bodies of the two boys, who were 16 and 14, were found burned and abandoned in an empty house back in 2016. The brothers had apparently witnessed a murder of another young man, and Rhodes allegedly killed these two in order to make sure they wouldn’t talk about what they had seen. Wren, when speaking out about the incident, said, “Ain’t nobody goin’ sit in court, and hold their composure, and have a demon turn around and laugh about them killing their kids.”

Even though she is trying hard to move on, Wren still wrestles with forgiving those who tore her family apart in this vicious act of murder. Wren said, “Every Sunday you go to church and you try to forgive. The anger still builds up in your soul.” See what happened in the courtroom for yourself in the video below and please pray that justice is served in this case:


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