Restaurant Offered Free Breakfast To Firefighters And First Responders Battling Deadly Wildfires

It was an early Monday morning in Cici’s Restaurant. The seats were filled and chatter and laughs filled the atmosphere. As guests walked inside to dine, they were met with love and appreciation. The Westlake Village eatery spent this day to acknowledge the servicemen and women battling the recent California fires.

The venue had free breakfast that day as a thank you for protecting the community. Firefighters, first responders, officers and more came in for a warm meal. Pancakes, toast, potatoes, eggs, juice and so much more.

The owner Cici expressed her appreciation and desire to give back to those who work so hard. A few of her employees were affected by the wildfires, but were safe due to the hard work of those sitting inside her restaurant.

“It is very important, because, you know, they make us safe. They take care of the property. They save people’s life days and nights… I want to be part of it, I want to say thank you, and I want to support them because they are so good to us.”

A news reporter for KTLA described the event, “I have to tell you, it’s so heartwarming. We’re seeing firefighters, sheriff’s deputies coming in right now, and people start clapping and cheering for them, and CiCi’s is giving them free meals — hot meals — after all of their hard work today.”

The heroes were especially thankful for the kind gesture and had a great start to their day.

God bless those who are fighting the fires. Amen!

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