Pug From Breeding Farm Can’t Have Anymore Puppies So Owner Threw Her Out Car Window

A pedestrian was strolling down the street in Middlesex, England when they encountered something horrifying. A van sped by the pedestrian and rolled down their window. Without even stopping, the driver threw a little black dog into the street. Then, they sped off.

The shocked pedestrian immediately picked up the pug and checked her over to make sure she was alright. Then, they phoned the RSPCA.

The RSPCA brought the pug to a veterinarian where they learned that when she was thrown out of the van she had not been injured, but she was still in bad shape. The poor little pug was skinny, lacking fur patches, and looked totally exhausted. This was because she came from a breeding farm where she was forced to give birth to litter after litter of puppies until her body was no longer able to handle it and gave it away.

“We think that over time, because her skin was getting worse and worse, they decided that they didn’t want to take her to the vet or have to pay for any treatment. So I think because the skin got in such a terrible state, they decided to dump her and stop breeding from her,” Liz Wood, the deputy manager of RSPCA’s Millbrook Animal Center, said in a Facebook video.

The pug was afraid of everything and everyone after all she had been through, and she needed a lot of help to get out of her shell. Wood decided to take her home and become her mother-in-law. She named her Peggy. Peggy is slowly beginning to become less nervous about people with Wood’s help. At first, she cowered when anyone tried to touch her. But now that Wood has shown her that she’s in a safe place, she has started letting Wood pet her and hold her.

Peggy is also very fond of Wood’s other pups. These pups helped Peggy find her more playful side, and Peggy is becoming more and more happy-go-lucky.

“We’re starting to see her cheeky side now,” Wood says. “She barks when she wants food and she makes funny little grunting noises when she is pleased to see you—her whole body wags, it’s adorable! She’s such a sweet dog and will make a wonderful companion for someone.”

Wood says there’s only one way to know for sure that the breeder is legitimate:

“The only sure way of ever knowing is visiting the mom and the pups when they’re young and suckling, and knowing that the pups are suckling from their mom, and seeing the condition the mom is being kept in. Because ultimately it is the moms that suffer in this industry.”

This adorable little pug has been through a lot, but she’s finally in safe hands. To learn more about Peggy, check out the video below.

Peggy the Pug's Story

? Peggy the pug's story is a stark reminder this #MothersDay to think about the welfare of parents involved in puppy breeding. If you're considering buying a puppy rather than rehoming, please be #PuppySmart and read our advice first: http://bit.ly/2teCyTd

Posted by RSPCA (England & Wales) on Sunday, March 11, 2018

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