Pregnant Woman Wants to Give Up Twins – Despite Ex Begging to Raise Them Together

What can be more devastating than to give your child up? As a mother, you love and nurture your unborn child for nine months and handing them over to a stranger is overwhelming. But imagine giving your baby to your ex who you no longer want any contact with.

When you want nothing but a great life for your child, you are willing to sacrifice your feelings to let them be happy. This is exactly the story of a woman who got pregnant with her ex’s twins. She wanted nothing but to see her babies get a great life while her ex wanted them to raise them together.

The woman posted a candid post where-in she mentioned her desire not to keep the babies.

She took to Reddit to ask: Is she wrong for not wanting the babies — or for him to be part of her pregnancy journey at all?

“I made it clear to him that I will move away once they’re born and want to know nothing about them, sign away my rights, etc,” she added.

As her ex, who she has no relationship with now wanted to keep the babies and she agreed to carry them to term. She also made it very clear to the father of the twins that she wanted to know nothing about the babies and that she would give up her parental rights to them as well.

The woman posted that she was devastated when the father of the child revealed the sex of the babies during one of her appointments. Even though he was ok with the arrangements and knew that the woman wanted nothing to do with the babies, he was trying to convince her to be the twins’ mother.

“In my last [doctor’s] appointment he wanted to come, and I agreed, though I said I didn’t want to find out their gender,” she explained. “He asked if HE alone could find out and he wouldn’t tell me.”

“Little bit later and he already let me slip what they are, which has made me incredibly upset,” she wrote. “He says he didn’t do it on purpose but I don’t believe him. (He wants me be to be their mom.)”

“He thinks I’m completely overreacting and as he will be their only parent, he should be there ‘so at least one person who cares about them is there,'” she wrote. “He wants to be as involved as possible now.”

While some people consider the woman’s decision to surrogate the twins as a selfless act, others thought that she was shellfish as she asked the father of the twins not to be in the delivery room while she birthed them. Was it wrong of that woman to refuse to be with a man she doesn’t love, and with children she is not prepared to raise?

We are praying for these babies and hope they are given a good home and family.

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