1 Lb., 1 Oz. Micro Preemie Finally Gets To Go Home After 153 Days In The Hospital

Sarah Sartorius was over the moon when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child. Sarah began feeling sick a few months into her pregnancy. Thinking it was just the flu, Sarah didn’t think it was cause for alarm but still went to the hospital. They told her she had a staph infection.

While performing a procedure for her infection, the doctors noticed that the baby’s heart rate dropped significantly. They told Sarah that they needed to get the baby out right now.

Remi Elisabeth arrived four months early, just 24 weeks in the womb. Sarah was scared to death. She didn’t think her tiny baby girl would make it. Remi was considered a micro preemie because she was born before 27 weeks.

Sarah went on Facebook to describe what happened. She wrote:

“This has been the scariest day of my life. I had my Endiocardiogram and shortly after the procedure was done, Nurses came in trying to find Remi’s Heart beat. They finally found it , it was low…..very low in the 50s and 60s range when all day she has been in the 160s. They rushed me to the OR and did an ultrasound. Remi’s heartrate was still low. So they said ‘we need to take her out now’ I have never been so scared in my life. Woke up in the recovery room scared and crying. Remi Elisabeth was born at 1:37 this Afternoon. She’s 1 lb. 1 oz. I finally got to see Remi, she’s so tiny and beautiful. Docs say she’s doing great! Please continue to Pray for me (still trying to find the location of the Staph.) Pray for Remi to stay strong and grow healthy.”

Despite the many challenges, Remi survived. Finally, after 153 days at the hospital, Sarah got to take her baby home.

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