Pregnant pitbull refuses to give birth: After ultrasound, the vet discovers why

This Heartwarming ‘Storie’ Will Have You In Tears

For a couple who loves rescuing animals, life can be a little chaotic at times. That didn’t stop Chris and Mariesa from adopting one more dog. At least, that was the plan when they went to the shelter. Things changed, however, when they met Storie. The pregnant pitbull stole their hearts, and they quickly agreed to adopt her.

Storie’s stomach was extremely swollen; it looked as if the birth of her litter was imminent. Something was holding her back it seemed.

Chris and Mariesa thought, perhaps it could be her surroundings. As Chris stated, having puppies in a shelter is stressful for both the mother and her babies. They took her to their home to safely give birth and care for her puppies.

After giving Storie a comfortable bed, they left her to settle in. They thought it might take a little time, but the loving environment provided what she needed. Within eighteen hours of arriving at her new home, mama pitbull delivered a dozen babies. Yes, her swollen tummy held twelve pups!

As you can imagine, caring for thirteen dogs is a daunting prospect. At two weeks old, eyes opened, and personalities emerged.

Mariesa and Chris kept the pups until they were old enough to be weaned, then Pubbles and More Animal Rescue helped find homes for each of them. Storie was adopted to her forever home by Chris’ best friend, Ryan.

As for Chris and Mariesa, the couple decided not to adopt another dog. Not yet, anyway.

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